3 Tips to Follow to Make a Successful Career in Post Production


It takes a lot of hard work to shoot a film. Post that process, you have just reached the middle of the iceberg in order to render it a finished product. The other half takes place inside a post production house where departments work in a sync and synergy to integrate video and sound together into a blockbuster. If you want to make a career in post production, then follow these steps.

  1. Determine which department you are interested in

Production: here you have to deal with clients, track the logistics and workflow of projects.

Editing: Newbies should aim to be involved in technical process, spending time in control room and assisting with the troubleshooting. Then, you are responsible for all video aspect of post production, working with necessary editing suites.

Sound: the competition may have exacerbated here, but for newbies, you can start with sound design. After gaining experiences and skills, you need to curate music tracks for motion pictures.

  1. Do the due diligence and prepare

After having a future plan, seek a company that caters to your skills and interest. There are many post production companies focusing on features, factual, entertainment or commercials. There are also many apprenticeship schemes available. So do your due diligence and ensure to apply in all relevant vacancies. Always be ready as the competition is stiff and selection processes may take a lot of time. So you’re your CV ASAP! But ensure that it is perfect so as you don’t mess it up in rush. Also include your portfolio if possible. And be persistent. You may get a lot of rejections, but don’t get disheartened and hope that the next application may take you in. Keep seeking opportunities.

  1. Work hard and learn on the job

If you have a post production as your first job, consider yourself lucky. You may level up by constantly learning and showcasing skills in a balance. Your responsibilities may also vary from fetching coffee to meeting with clients, from handling raw footage to keeping editing rooms clean. Always be professional and enthusiastic about your job and be keen on learning new. In cases where quick troubleshooting is needed, it may help you get noticed and you may end up promoted to higher position as well. So always be on your toes and offer to help when needed.

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