There is a heated ongoing debate on whether buying and selling Facebook accounts is the right thing to do. There are various reasons why anyone would want to sell their Facebook fan page, among them being that the account has not found good returns on the investment and you need to recover your losses.

It could be that your business failed or you went bankrupt and you have to sell your account to liquidate it. It could also be a case where you utilize your entrepreneurial techniques to create fan pages quickly just to sell them afterward; which can bring in good money.

Why should you buy a Facebook Account?

There are several reasons why you should buy Fb account. The main reason however can be said to be simple laziness. You lack the energy, time, attention, or knowledge to start a Facebook fan page from nothing and grow it meticulously from no followers to a big fan base. Gaining the first 1000 followers is a very hard task before your page gets real momentum.

You can hire an agency to create and grow a Facebook account or your fan page but the process will probably take longer and can get remarkably expensive than purchasing an account with a defined fan base.

However, there is a sole reason why buying a Facebook account might not be a good idea. This is arbitrage; you cannot buy a Facebook account now to resell it later after growing it to make a profit. This is because Facebook restricts ownership changes.

The Dangers of Buying Facebook Accounts

If you are a seller, you probably may not get into any serious problem. Selling a Facebook account implies putting it up for sale, taking payment when you sell it, and transferring ownership. There are trustworthy sites that act as the middleman maintaining a trustworthy community and dealing with scammers accordingly.

The risks of buying accounts include;

  • Risking the brand name – if people follow you and along the way they realize that they are following another person, they are bound to wonder what happened to you and why your account name changed. Your account may still be there, but followers may not know that you and the new holder are connected in a way.
  • If you buy Fb accounts, you are at risk of getting scammed – no matter how reliable the agent site alleges to be. It is common to find people who are only after stealing authentication data and seize accounts for their wicked interests.
  • Your profile is also at risk when you buy an account. When creating a fan page, you are needed to attach a personal profile to it. If the said profile is your profile and not a fake one, you have your account linked to the fan page. This implies that the new account owner can see your identity during the transfer and all the other risks involved.