ADSS is a renowned brokerage firm that has established itself as a trusted provider of financial services to investors and traders around the world. As such, whether you are an individual trader, corporate entity, or institutional investor, ADSS offers a seamless trading experience, exceptional customer support, and cutting-edge technology. In this broker review, we take a look at a few commonly asked questions regarding the investment firm.

What are ADSS’ licenses?

As of the time of writing, ADSS is currently one of the only brokerage firms headquartered in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region. More specifically, the investment company operates in the Middle East, the UK, and in other regions and financial markets around the world.

When it comes to regulations, traders can rest well knowing that their funds are secure, as ADSS is regulated in all the regions that it operates in. For instance, they are regulated by the Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) in the UAE and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK. In Hong Kong, they are instead licensed by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC). Therefore, as a responsible brokerage firm, ADSS remains committed to offering traders a fair, competitive and transparent trading environment.

What makes ADSS unique?

According to ADSS’ official website, one thing that makes it unique is that the investment firm continuously delivers against two standards of service – above and beyond. This means ADSS is dedicated to improving opportunities and enhancing the trading experience for all its clients. The brokerage firm insists on having the highest standards and further inspires others to achieve their goals as well.

When it comes to providing the trading community with extraordinary investment opportunities, ADSS has a lot to offer. This includes features such as its multi-asset trading capabilities, personalised views of the markets, access to deep liquidity, and support from its experienced team so that traders can be sure to have the ultimate trading experience with them.

What kind of awards does ADSS have?

Since 2010, ADSS is proud to have won a variety of awards, and they are often recognised by many industry peers for their commitment to excellence, quality trading platforms, and exceptional customer service.ADSS remains trusted and is considered an innovative choice for most traders. The brokerage firm wishes to enhance every trading journey, by adding value to everyone’s individual requirements, achievements, and judgements.

When it comes to the specific types of awards, ADSS has been awarded the Best Forex Trading Platform by the Global Forex Awards 2021, as well as the Most Trusted Forex Broker by Forex Expo, to name a few.

What educational resources does ADSS provide?

Novice traders can rest assured knowing that ADSS does provide educational resources to all its clients, regardless of skill and experience level. This is because ADSS believes in cultivating traders of all levels to achieve excellence, which is shown in the types of services the brokerage firm provides. On ADSS’ official website, they have a bilingual glossary that helps traders better understand key terms and common phrases that often pop up when trading, so they have a better understanding of the technical jargon. ADSS also provides plenty of articles and guides to help traders, such as news breakdowns (in relation to the financial markets), market analysis, and video tutorials on how to use their bespoke trading platform. Again, most of the content is bilingual – they are in both English and Arabic.

How is ADSS’ customer support?

With its award-winning proprietary technology, experienced brokerage experts and first-class customer support, traders will always receive quality service from ADSS. More specifically, help is available for clients 24/5 from ADSS’ customer support team, and they also provide multi-lingual support as well. This means that clients can request assistance easily, and in no time at all. ADSS’ support team can be reached through email, the chat facility, on their official website, or through the phone. For traders who are more likely to turn to social media instead of manually making a call, ADSS also allows that option – traders can contact specialists through ADSS’ social media accounts.

How can you fund an account?

Another unique aspect of ADSS is the way traders can fund their trading accounts. UAE residents that are looking to open a live trading account with ADSS have the option of using UAEPGS, which is the transfer payment gateway from UAE’s Central Bank. This means traders can transfer funds through a single integration. Depending on the account holder, there may be a maximum transaction limit per day and per month. Other traders that are based outside the UAE have to use other methods, such as bank wire transfers, credit cards or digital payment platforms such as Neteller, Skrill, Cash U, Samsung and Apple Pay.

What accounts does ADSS offer?

There are three main account types that ADSS offers when it comes to live accounts. These are the Classic, Elite, and Elite+. Here is a breakdown of what they offer below:


The Classic live account has a minimum initial deposit of $100, and traders can trade with competitive market spreads and 24/5 customer support. It provides a maximum leverage of 500:1 and also offers a variety of trading courses, which is great for novice traders or those looking to hone their trading skills and strategies.


The Elite live account has a minimum initial deposit of $100,000. It offers everything that the Classic account tier has but with a few additional features. Firstly, it has 25% lower spreads and offers multi-base currency. Moreover, it provides a dedicated senior account manager, which is great for traders looking for more assistance when they make their trades.


The Elite+ account tier is the highest of all three account tiers. It provides everything that the Classic and Elite account tiers already have but with a few additional features. This time, the minimum initial deposit is $250,000, and the account offers ultra-low spreads to traders, as well as multi-base currency. In addition to a senior account manager, this account also offers a sales trader, so that traders can gain additional assistance when monitoring the financial markets.

Demo account

ADSS also offers a demo account for traders to practice trading with. Unlike a live account, a demo account only allows for paper (or virtual) trading. This account is hosted on MetaTrader 4 (MT4), and it is free of charge for those who have already registered with the brokerage firm. Demo traders will receive a demo account with $50,000 in virtual funds, allowing them to access the live markets on desktop, mobile and tablet devices. This way, traders can place simulated trades on a wide range of markets, instruments, and currency pairs.