Regardless of how old an office building might be or how it is laid out, there are some clever ways to refresh the appearance of any business space. The motivation for such a facelift can range from a desire for more energy efficiency to a plan to increase productivity. In some cases, an office manager might just think the existing style and ambience have grown a bit stale. No matter what the reason, however, the following options can help create the perfect look.

Change the Layout

In recent years, there have been several new trends that have impacted how many office spaces are designed. Open floor plans, adjustable desks, and flexible schedules have all contributed to the modern arrangement that many employers now have with their staff members.

As many employees return to the office following the COVID-19 pandemic, however, it might make sense to reimagine how the work gets done. This could involve shopping around for new forms of office partitioning. Such movable walls can provide a measure of privacy for crowded spaces as well as a dedicated area for meetings and conferences.

Introduce New Perks

If there are unused areas of an office building, it can be easy to add some new features and resources that might make employees even more excited about returning to work in person. There are several options available, such as a fully stocked kitchen or a game room. Of course, it is important that providing any such benefits are not a wasted effort. Taking an informal poll of employees to determine what they would actually appreciate will help any manager plan for a renovation that will truly impress everyone who works at the location.

Revamp the Branding

Regardless of what type of business an office might be handling, there is always a benefit in creating a memorable experience that clients and customers will not soon forget. This might involve new signs or a refreshed logo that allows the company’s name to be on display front and centre. Other options include reconsidering the colours and materials used in decorating the space. Creating an inviting and engaging outdoor area can attract the attention of passersby who might be inspired to pay a visit to the company or look up details about its services upon arriving home. There is no substitute for leaving a lasting impression on prospective and repeat customers, so putting a bit of investment into this area of design can pay off big in the long run.