Hiring Equipment for Heavy Lifting


There are many different industries and sectors where there is a need for heavy lifting equipment to be used on a daily basis. In the past heavy debris, materials, soil and dirt, products, and large-scale items, would have been moved by hand, or through manual labour and intricate systems that take forever to set up and are delicately poised and dangerous to use. In the modern age things have changed dramatically, and with the development of heavy lifting equipment that is designed to help with hoisting, rigging, jacking, pulling, and handling all sorts of materials of various sizes, shapes, and weights. With a hire company built to service those types of actions and within myriad industry, your project can be deemed safe and effective from day one.

In terms of the types of sectors and industries where heavy lifting is a daily challenge you can include construction and large-scale developments that include residential, commercial, and infrastructure. Heavy lifting equipment can come in extremely handy when working on maintenance projects, within the energy and utilities sector in terms of everyday maintenance and repair, as well as with the building of renewable energy stations (including off shore wind farms and the like in often inhospitable locations and challenging terrain). Waste, water, transport, and the petrochemical and pharmaceutical sectors are all other areas where heavy lifting is a necessary process and where heavy lifting equipment becomes so important for success.

Now you know what areas are likely to require heavy lifting equipment, and the tasks and types of lifting equipment that there are available, what is the next process that should be undertaken?

If you are a project manager, or the person responsible for sourcing equipment for a project you’ll have a few options in front of you. The major decision that has to be made is whether to purchase heavy lifting equipment or hire it. There are pros and cons for both, but generally speaking to purchase heavy lifting equipment will include a heft upfront cost. By hiring through a specialist heavy lifting equipment hire service, you can ensure that you do not have to worry about this up front cost.

On top of that, another benefit of hiring instead of purchasing is that you can benefit from the specialist experience of the company you are choosing to work with. They can sit down with you prior to a project and offer expert guidance and tips on how to get the most out of certain pieces of heavy lifting equipment and point you in the right direction to maximise the effectiveness and productivity of your venture.

You’ll always have access to the latest in heavy lifting equipment and machinery, which wouldn’t be the case if you have paid out a lump sum to purchase equipment in the first place, and this also adds to safety levels. By utilising the heavy lifting equipment for hire you can ensure that you are using the latest methods and technology that will keep your employees and contractors as safe as possible – vital within the sorts of industries and sectors where heavy lifting equipment is a necessity.

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