How can Benchmarks be Used as a Means of Performance Improvement?


Benchmarks can be deemed a legible comparison tool to be applied to your performance transformation. Firstly, it can bestow the initiative leadership with the moral authority in order to generate comparable outcomes. It is an equivalent process, if other company can be successful with the same set of resources or even with fewer resources, then their approach should be claimed an entitlement to the astute observer. This can be successfully accomplished by integrating Tervene in your organizational system. Secondly, it proves that you may be at a distance from the best to even bother making an initiative. In this case, you can try outsourcing your motor pool to a reputable company.

A tiny tweak

Surely, benchmarks offer authority and clarity, you need to consider the contrary. It is also deemed that once few things are considered wasteful instead of optimizing a process, then they don’t need to exist. So, if you find that the process should be non-existent, then would you really close your business itself? Absolutely no. This usually takes place in the public sector. When you look back, you may feel that the government needs more of the Lean practices and improve its processes.

Benchmark envy

Gaining relevant, timely and comparable benchmarks is an art. Many revelations unfolding and rendering benchmark perfect may waste a lot of resources, this could rather be invested right in the first place when on the journey of improvement. This fact is true if you are quite far from the ideal.

You need to trust your team

There is another risk involved when you are dependent on external benchmarks in order to upgrade your performance. Maybe, it’s just that the world class benchmark determined for your performance challenge is a challenge in itself. As a matter of fact, this could be so distant or invalid that it doesn’t deserve need your off hand attention or even consideration. Rather than this, you may need a real innovation, a change in a step, a new and revolutionary way. Plus the insights for that very desired breakthrough may only be present in your team when it is led forward in the new direction passionately. Join a training about Influence Without Authority to unlock the innovative insights within your team and steer them toward ground-breaking success.


Last, but not the least, when it comes to benchmark destination, it can cause a false sense of security that you are now the segment leader. It conveys a message that if you are the best, then there is no need to improve. So, you need to understand that there are many aspects of benchmarks and you need to learn them to make the most of the concept itself.

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