More than a few hundred businesses go live every week in India. In the age of digital transformation, the race to become a recognizable business and maintain authority in the domain has become a tightrope to walk on. And more often than not, many businesses end up losing this race if they are not efficient enough in maintaining a digital presence.

Making use of the online space to reach the target audience and maintaining their attention to generate potential leads is a huge task for businesses. And grabbing the attention of stakeholders and converting them is no different either.

The role of an Indian business directory is to ensure that businesses can make their presence known to everyone. An authoritative Indian business directory like D&B iAccess contains a detailed index of companies listed alphabetically and filtered by their industry. Each individual entry of a business is linked to its official company website.

Function of a Business Directory

A business directory acts like a portal for businesses and users alike. Businesses can publish their details to establish a presence online, and the users can find the listed businesses that provide the services they’re looking for.

An Indian business directory is a middle ground between clients, stakeholders, customers, and businesses. Business owners can advertise their organization in the online business directory. Also, prospective clients, customers, and stakeholders can find suitable businesses for what they are looking for.

Business listings on an Indian business directory like D&B iAccess help businesses in communicating with customers and clients alike. Even from an SEO perspective, having a business listing can significantly help businesses in obtaining valuable backlinks and make it easier for search engines to easily find businesses.

How an Indian Business Directory Works

An Indian business directory typically has pages, business listings, and posts. The pages are usually static, and the business listings make up the main part of the website. Listings are usually added by site administrators and business owners. These listings can comprise basic information about a business like location, contact info, company website, etc. Adding advanced information like press releases, location, funding details, and more can enhance the chances of converting leads from these business listings.

Indian business directories are usually built on a front-end submission system. This allows businesses to upload their listings on their own. They can fill up a form, and submit it for the Indian business directory to assess and list on their website. There are usually steps like user registration, background check, and payment processing involved in this system. The submission form is where business owners can fill in the main details about their company, and the form can contain as many fields as you would need.

Register Your Business in an Authoritative Business Directory

Dun & Bradstreet has the most comprehensive and accessible Indian business directory. With D&B iAccess, Dun & Bradstreet can provide deep insights and B2B data. Businesses and clients can easily navigate through hundreds of sales leads, conduct compliance checks, and much more. Customers are empowered by Dun & Bradstreet to gain all the relevant details about businesses and find the best fit for the services they are looking for.