Air coolers are great alternatives to air conditioners, which are very costly to purchase and install. Air conditioners’ cost is limited to its purchase and installation, but it requires timely service in each season. Apart from this, the electricity bill amount will shock you at the end of the month. So air coolers are more affordable when it comes to budget, and it provides you with the same comfort you get from installing an AC.

If you are planning to organize an event where a large population gathers and want the best cooling, you can air cooler rentals to provide you with as many air coolers as required according to the event. Mostly it is used for high-budget events like marriage, fashion shows, dinner events, car shows, or any other. These rentals provide you best services as and when you require them at reasonable prices.

This article provides you with complete detail on how to choose the right air cooler for rent. Look at the below-mentioned points-

Consider the cost

The first aspect which everyone looks into before finalizing the services of air cooler rentals is the cost a person has to bear. However, there is a difference in the different coolers’ rental charges, but in general, all coolers are affordable, especially on rent. By paying such a minimal monthly installment, you can comfortably spend your summer season without any inconvenience.

It is an essential requirement if you live in any desert area where the atmosphere is dry; in such a condition, air coolers add humidity to the atmosphere around you and provide cooling air.

Types of air cooler

There are two types of air coolers, namely desert air coolers, and personal air coolers. Both have their advantages; you can choose the one according to your suitability and needs. If you want to install coolers at big spaces, then you should choose desert air coolers as it is more extensive. These coolers have big water tanks and fans capable of blowing air to every corner of the room, while personal coolers have smaller tanks suitable for limited spaces like a bedroom or studies. Personal coolers are easily movable from one room to another. You can choose any of the above for air cooler rentals services.

Types of cooling pads

Cooling pads are essential for every type of cooler, so it must be of acceptable quality to offer long term service. Generally, there are two types of cooling pads available in the market: aspen or wood cool pads and honeycomb cooling pads. Aspen cooling pads require a lot of maintenance as it is made up of synthetic fiber and wood shavings. It is available at very reasonable rates in the market, while honeycomb pads are a little costlier but are more durable and efficient.

Final thought

Air coolers are an essential requirement in summers in households as well as at functions or events. We cannot organize any event in a hot and humid environment without a proper cooling atmosphere; thus, here arises the need for air cooler rentals; we can contact them in the hour of need.