The role of retail companies and retailers for a nation is much similar to that of a CPU in the computer system. They help to provide and transmit useful information throughout the supply chain. Likewise, the main job of a retailer revolves around educating its customers in the most informative ways about the products and services that they offer. The software companies, therefore, are the leading front of this research and information and since the use of technology is growing at the velocity of a speeding train, that is why their significance cannot be doubted in the retail world today.

Therefore, below is a list of retail companies in Singapore that cater to the technology needs of consumers in recent times.

HTC – High Tech Computer

The well-known name in the Innovation and Technology market brings to you some of the best smart mobile devices connecting the virtual world to the real world through a network of high-end smartphones.

Tibco Software Singapore

This retailer company primarily focuses on using real-time data for creating smarter and better solutions to customer-oriented problems. To make this possible, it typically offers infrastructure software at its intelligence platform for the unification of data to solve business problems of the client all while generating predictable outcomes and taking control over smarter strategies to operate.