As a business, if you are looking to improve your technology’s energy efficiency, operation, or both, data center infrastructure management (or DCIM) is the best way to see and track those various improvements.

DCIM works to track and monitor these improvements by controlling, measuring, and monitoring all of a business’s IT equipment. Through the data collected, you can easily see various ways to improve how your business operates.

Here are some of the top reasons why your business needs DCIM.

See Where Resources Are Being Used

Using DCIM monitoring software allows your business to gather information about all of your IT operations, including cooling data, power usage, environmental information, and more. Once you get an idea of how the resources are being used, this information can be analyzed to determine if additional equipment needs to be purchased. DCIM can also give you an idea of future growth in terms of upcoming cooling demands and power usage.

Improve Energy Efficiency

Most people already know that data centers use a lot of energy. With DCIM, you can track all of your energy usage. This allows you to see where the energy is going, which allows you to make any changes needed. If a large amount of energy is being consumed by something non-essential, you can adjust the infrastructure to fix it.

Prevent Unnecessary Downtime

An interesting fact about outages is that over 80% of them can be avoided, according to recent surveys. The most common causes of downtime at work include human error, network failure, power outages, and third-party provider outages.

Disaster Prevention Measures

Numerous factors, including excessively high temperatures, can cause your system to fail. Not using power efficiently can also affect how your IT system is currently functioning. Through the use of DCIM, you can see what is going on inside the system, including recorded temperatures and power usage.

This allows you to spot and address any potential problems. Addressing them as they appear minimizes the amount of downtime that your business experiences.

Improve Workflow Management and Reduce Costs

With DCIM, your business can balance workloads, consolidate servers, and effectively manage all of your company’s equipment power usage. Doing all of this helps improve workflow management, but it also reduces costs because things are operating smoothly. Improved energy efficiency reduces how much money you spend on energy bills; plus, you save money on buying and maintaining hardware.