Whether you are looking to engage your employees in a team-building activity, or you are looking for a fun and constructive activity to bond over with your friends, leatherwork is an incredible idea. You can always find a good leather workshop Singapore that best suits your needs.

However, one of the important things that you should learn is the different grades of leather. Check them out below;

Full Grain Leather

Just like the name suggests, this is made from the best part and the highest quality of the hide. The material is less processed and maintains its high grain levels. It absorbs moisture and oil over time and looks good as it ages.

Top Grain Leather

Top grain leather is just as good as full-grain leather. It is also made from the highest quality hide but has a uniform and smoother look than the former mentioned. Unlike Full grain, top grain doesn’t absorb moisture and oil. Instead, you can wipe them away.

Split Grain Leather

Unlike the above two mentioned, this is no as high quality. They don’t contain any natural marking or grain. Suede is the most popular split-grain leather and is mostly used to make handbags, shoes, jackets, and other items that require soft and pliable materials

Genuine Leather

Unlike the above-mentioned, genuine leather is not as beautiful and is high quality. Even though it is still leather, it is heavily processed and considered one of the lowest qualities by experts. It is made from the bottom of the cut and hardly contains any natural grain.

Bonded Leather

Bonded leather is not leather at all. It is made from a mix of leather dust, scraps, plastic, vinyl, and glue bonded together and created through a complex process. It is cheap and not as long-lasting, and is used to make low-quality household items.