The retail industry at large has benefited in many ways through the evolutions of online shopping. Not only has shopping online given customers a unique opportunity to receive fully detailed breakdowns of a retailer’s product, but they’re able to do so within the convenience of their homes. The possibilities of what you can find shopping online are seemingly endless, and you may even stumble upon a few deals you would’ve otherwise not found in store. Online shoppers now have a wide set of expectations from the online retailers they shop with, largely in part to the benefits of shopping online with Amazon. For example, Amazon’s Prime shipping options have spoiled online shoppers. So much so, that recent research indicates that 88% of shoppers say that the shipping from Amazon has made them expect faster shipping from other online retailers they shop with. For online retailers that lack the shipping capabilities that Amazon has, this can be bad news. Organizations looking to increase their online retail sales should keep this expectation in mind. If your prospective customers are those that expect a quick turnaround, make your main priority finding methods to increase shipping speeds prior to diversifying your product offering. If your organization is searching for additional information regarding how to improve shipping times, be sure to review the resource featured alongside this post.

The Importance Of Shipment Tracking presented by Westfalia Technologies, an automated warehouse systems company