The wind is mainly created by the uneven heating of the earth’s surface by the sun. The wind turbines mainly convert the kinetic energy present wind into mechanical power, mainly running the generator to produce clean electricity. Nowadays the turbines are excellent sources of electricity. Some of the facts about the 5kw wind turbines have been explained in this article.

The 5kw wind turbine application to know about

The 5kW wind turbine has an updated design with a low RPM generator and a PLC control system. This type of turbine is more reliable and has more annual power output than the traditional wind turbines. The 5kW wind turbine was mainly protected by the yaw control and the electronic brake. The hydraulic brake is the optional configuration for the customers who belong to vital windy areas.

This wind turbine having a capacity of 5kW was mainly used not in the case of houses and farms, but the same is also being used in the case of water pumps, and motors. There are many sellers available for 5KW turbines.

Top specification of the 5KW wind turbine to know about

5KW wind turbine kit has got some of the below specifications:

  1. This machine is having the maximum output, having 5100 watts
  2. This is having the voltage output, which is about 240 VAC split phase
  3. This turbine is having them cut-in wind speed which is about 10 mph
  4. The cut-out wind speed is about 35 mph
  5. This turbine has got the survival wind speed, which is about 110 mph
  6. This turbine is having 3 no of blades in three different tiers having a total of 9 blades.
  7. The height of the turbine is about 32 feet
  8. This mainly weighs about 1450 lbs
  9. This turbine is mainly made up of steel.

Wind energy is mainly a pollution-free, clean, plentiful, and free source of energy. Ideally, this is the renewable source of the energy. Wind turbines can help in reducing the carbon dioxide output in great amounts. Before buying the wind turbine, one must clearly read about its specifications. Most of the wind turbines normally used on the wind farms mainly use three no of blades. Nowadays the windmills are more complicated in comparison to the earlier ones.