The art of growing food is nothing less than a divine performance because the sustainability of the entire humankind depends on that. Food, air, and water are our basic necessities, no matter how technologically advanced we are. So, developing techniques with the latest applications to simplify the agricultural tasks for the farmers is the need of the hour because the ever-growing population worldwide needs lots and lots of food.

In India, we say “Jai jawan, Jai kisan”, which means “hail o soldiers and hail o farmers” because we understand how significant their contribution is to safeguard the interest of the whole society. We have immense respect for their commendable efforts in serving us; therefore, we should promote more and more technologies to make their work easier and enable them to have better lives.

Agriculture can be complex because growing good crops depends on many factors (some are not in the farmer’s control also). Millions of farms around the world involve the continuous efforts of farmers and their families in the process of agriculture. Still, not all can grow the best crops, and not all can sell them. Climatic conditions, using proper fertilizers and pesticides, and incorporating adequate machinery during the cultivation process are some critical factors related to the farming business.

The Agriculture app is the answer to all the issues mentioned earlier. It can be a valuable tool for many activities involved in farming, such as helping the farmers analyze the soil conditions, thus figuring out the best planting and harvesting regime. They have allowed farmers to eliminate extensive labour work in many ways. There are multiple reasons to convince the farm heroes of this era that adopting these apps can change their lives for good. Let us further break down the significance of using these apps.

  1. Inspecting soils:

Analyzing the soil condition and providing the current update on weather conditions by these apps allows the farmers to plan the planting and harvesting accordingly.

  1. Efficient management:

With the timely growth of crops of remarkable quality, the chances of them getting sold are much higher. It regulates a seamless flow of demand and supply with the consumers and better livelihoods for the farmers and their families.

  1. Authentic information alert:

The most significant advantage of using any farming app is that it provides research-based information through push notifications. It sometimes alerts the farmers of terrible weather conditions ahead or the latest update on government-based schemes, etc.

Identifying the plant diseases:

  1. If the farmer is familiar with the disease:

infested by the plants, then only they can provide the proper treatment. The agricultural apps have a plethora of information stored in their database about various diseases and their symptoms in plants. It helps them a lot in diagnosing and treating the plants accordingly.

  1. Payments are simplified:

These apps are in-built with payment gateways that allow the farmers to make online payments anytime and anywhere to the respective suppliers, dealers and vice-versa. In this way, their hard-earned money is safe in the online account without the fear of getting robbed or stolen.

Incorporating technology with farming is a win-win situation for farmers, distributors, and consumers—many apps like mandi bhav apps, Agri apps, etc.