Things to Know When Considering Tailor-Made Packaging Solutions


Product packaging is more than just a cardboard box that comes with a simplified imprint. There are several different varieties of tailor-made packaging solutions available in the market. These are drawer boxes, foil-laminated textures, etc.

Though safety is no doubt the first preference, but don’t forget its other essential aspects like storage, durability and appearance as it creates an unforgettable experience on users. It could be one of the things that can compel your customer to make more purchases from your business.

Hot stamping

Hot stamping, also called as foil stamping, is defined as a method of printing wherein pre-dried foil or ink is transferred to any other surface at higher temperatures. It is a way toad colored foil onto the packaging. These types of foils are mostly in silver, copper and gold. Belley’s box packaging offers a wide range of packaging solutions in different finishing, printing options and sizes. Their fully customized solutions help you serve your varying requirements effectively.

This method is seen to give a classy look for the packaging. It is a printing method that does not need any modifications to the manufacture of the box. Hot-stamping creates an enriching experience with the packaging.

This technique is useful for attracting the attention of customers such as:

  • Logo of your company
  • a company statement and a short catchphrase
  • small image printed on its surface

Embossing and debossing

In this technique, a logo gets imprinted in a concave or convex way. It’s 3D impression element acts as an eye-catcher. Your debossed or embossed element will appear unique with its glowing foil feature. You can also create a powerful color contrast to make the box look more appealing.

Foil lamination

You can achieve elegance via foil lamination. This process begins with choosing a matt or glossy foil. The addition of foil to the packaging surface offers below benefits to the user.

  • this additional layer offers more strength to the stability and construction
  • the glossy foil makes the print look more saturated and vivid
  • the matt foil adds a toned and a subtle finish that forms an upscale impression instantly. Darker colors such as black, deep, and navy blue look really wonderful.


These are some of the ways by which you can customize your packaging box. All these additions will definitely increase its appeal and create a positive impression on your new and existing customers. This will ultimately increase your chances of making more customers.

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