Three Reasons Office Shredders are Not the Best Document Destruction Solution


Many businesses invest in an office shredder to get rid of their important documents. Unfortunately, with identity theft and fraud on the rise, companies must take their security measures to the next level. This means depending on professional document shredding services instead of using a shredder. Identity theft and fraud can damage a company’s reputation. A lot of those that are using office shredders may not realize this piece of equipment is not doing them any favor.

Standard document shredders don’t usually destroy documents thoroughly. Some people can still put together the shredded materials from an office shredder and access any destroyed information. Although there are more advanced shredders available on the market these days, they still have some drawbacks that make them less efficient than quality paper shredding services. Below are the disadvantages of using this piece of equipment:

Lack of Certificate of Destruction

Doing document shredding in-house does not include the issuance of a certification of destruction that proves the task is carried out properly and that information on documents are permanently destroyed. Shredding companies issue a Certificate of Destruction for every shredding job they perform. The certificate guarantees the destruction quality and offers physical evidence that document destruction took place. This proof will ensure compliance with information management legislations and prevent issues in case of an office audit.

Weak Monitoring

In-house shredding using a paper shredder can be performed by any employee in the office. This means nobody will monitor what has been shredded and whether or not confidential documents have been really shred, not tossed into the garbage can. Unfortunately, without proper monitoring, your business information can get stolen and misused, ruining your company’s reputation. Professional shredding services go the extra miles to monitor their shredding services. In fact, they welcome a representative of your company to witness the actual document shredding.

Unreliable Shredding

A lot of businesses do not put much thought into the way shredding operations are handled. In fact, some of them are comfortable with having their employees doing the task. But, document shredding is an important task that should not be assigned to untrained employees. Even a piece of document with recoverable information can already destroy business relationships that may have taken years to build. Professional shredding companies have well-trained employees who are up-to-date on proper procedures. Their skilled team of shredding experts perform their tasks according to protocol and maintain the trust they gain from clients.

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