Bed bugs heaters are natural, environmentally safe, and non-toxic, ways to kill bed bugs. They are very effective in that they kill bed bugs in all of their life-cycle stages, that is, eggs, nymphs, and adults. The heaters have proven to be very safe to be used since no chemicals are emitted. The heaters are available on online sites are value-based priced, and are pocket friendly. The bed bug heaters for sale vary from the source of energy they use to operate, and they include:

  • Electric bed bug package

They are convenient to use if you need to get the job done quickly. When used correctly, the heater gets the job done in a day. They are majorly used in the ‘do it yourself’ space, for homeowners who don’t want to call the pest control service. The heaters and bed bug removal packages are an operatable easy option, one can manage. The electric bed bug heat treatment works by heating the structure infested from above 120℉. At this temperature, all life stages of the bedbugs, cannot survive. It is advisable to heat the whole structure evenly to prevent cold areas where the bugs can hide and survive.

  • Propane, diesel, and gas bed bug heaters

They are suitable to use for large space and professional applications. They give consistent results and provide more power. Gas heaters can be used and they are quite safe when used correctly. The propane-fired heaters don’t emit flames or fumes therefore, they are relatively safe. Having an easy to use diesel, propane and gas-fired heater cuts down training costs and saves energy and time. Look for a pocket friendly, reliable, and easy to use gas, diesel or propane fired heater when you are out for shopping. For a serious bug infestation, they are getting the job done so look no further.

  • Air movers

When using heat to kill the bugs infestation, think of the right air moving equipment to use. The air movers come in handy as they ensure the heated air gets into every part of the structure, therefore, the whole exercise becomes a success. The air movers leave no place for the bugs to hide, therefore, failure to use them, the remediation projects go awry. If you have the right equipment and air movers the remediation process is easy and quick. The quantity and velocity of the air mover should be in consideration during purchase.