What you Might Not Know about Website Builders


Website builders are tools that let you build a site without manual code editing. But, there are different website builders out there and choosing the right one is essential to meet your needs.  There are many ways to evaluate the reliability of a website builder including reading website builder reviews and getting recommendations. Taking the time to get the information you need about website builders can help you make the right decision. Here are the two types of website builders:

Offline Website Builders

These are software programs that must be downloaded and installed on a computer. They will let you build a site and save your files on your computer. If you are site is ready, you just have to upload your web files to a web host. As these tools run on your computer, you can work on your site even if you don’t connect to the internet. But, you will have to buy a web hosting account in addition to the site builder software. Also, offline site builders may require you to have technical skills and experience since you have to upload files to your web host.

Online Website Builders

These are internet-based tools that run on the service of your chosen provider.  For these builders, you will need a web browser and an internet connection. They let you work on your site from anywhere and any device. Also, these builders come with web hosting services which means you don’t need to by it separately. Most online site builders require little to no coding experience.

With online website builders, you can create a website within just minutes because of their drag-and-drop editor. You will create a site by dragging elements and dropping them to the desired location. To get started, you will have to pick a design template that suits your needs. Online website builders have a library of templates. Every template has built-in elements and content. You can edit an element by clicking on it so the editor on which you can make changes. If you want to improve your site, just add new elements and widgets. Images, videos, photo galleries, blogs, social sharing buttons, and contact forms are standard elements and widgets. Also, you can add a full-on shopping cart or payment options if you will be selling products on your site. After you are happy with the site you build using an online website builder, just click on the Publish button and it’s live.

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