If you are a jobseeker and are wondering why vacancies don’t appear on job portals like in old times, you should definitely do some homework on recruitment agencies. Many companies and small businesses are now hiring these agencies to accelerate and simplify the hiring process, and the role of recruitment agency is equally important for jobseekers. In this post, we are sharing more on why companies choose to hire through recruitment agencies.

  • Because fast hiring is important. Browsing through thousands of profiles and resumes, shortlisting candidates, scheduling interviews, shortlisting the best profiles, and eventually hiring one after training – All these steps can take considerable amount of time, and for many vacancies, companies don’t have the time for all that.
  • Because they don’t have the expertise. Having an in-house team of experts for hiring and maintaining a dedicated HR team may not be feasible for a lot of companies, who would rather get a recruitment agency to do the job. Also, when a business doesn’t have the expertise, spending resources on that aspect is a futile exercise.
  • Because specialization counts. A recruitment agency has the profiles ready and often has experience and specialization in handling specific client needs. Many agencies work in specific sectors, and they can ensure that clients find the candidates they are looking for.

  • Because cutting costs is important. There is an ongoing debate if hiring an agency actually increases the cost of acquiring talent. However, for most businesses, recruitment agencies are a boon for sure. They know what it takes to find people in record time, and they can also help the client in aligning these people to the work culture of the concerned company.
  • Because different roles and jobs exist. Hiring someone for a permanent position is different from hiring a person for a temporary role. Instead of creating onboarding processes and dealing with the different steps, many businesses prefer to pay an agency that can make recruitment for different jobs, roles, and tasks, as smooth as possible.

If you are a jobseeker reading this, do your research and find an agency that is reliable, to sign up with them. They often have access to resources, vacancies, and jobs that are otherwise not posted in the job market, and with their expertise, you may find a job that matches your profile and takes your career ahead. Bridging the gap between candidates and employers is an important role that cannot be ignored.

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