Know that Your Sensitive Information is in Safe Hands with the Right Shredding Company


Shredding sensitive information such as client data or financial transactions needs to be handled with care. Many companies take help of shredding companies to shred their documents.

Check for Credibility of the Company

One of the checkpoints while searching for companies offering mobile shredding services is their credibility. There are a lot of ways you can do that. A credible company will have a website listing their services and showcasing a brief insight about their company.

Secondly, they will have an email id, contact details and address mentioned onto their websites, wherein customers can easily contact and avail their services. You can even call up their customer service and ask questions in regard to the years of business and experience of their team.

You can even ask for referrals and enquire with them about the quality of their services. Ensure that you look at different mobile shredding companies, compare prices and services offered, before you decide to hire their services.

Reputable shredder companies make use of cross cut blades for shredding sensitive documents. They will reach your place at the scheduled time, allocate shredding containers to you wherein you can store the documents, lock them and open them only when the shredders arrive. The documents will be shredded right in front of you, giving you an ease of mind.

Questions to Ask Mobile Shredder Companies

If you are searching online for mobile shredder companies, you can get a brief idea about the company with the help of reviews and ratings shared by customers. This does not mean that you take these ratings at face value. The reviews and ratings might differ from one customer experience to another.

You need to ask questions. Some of the questions that you might need to ask would be:

  • What type of equipment do they use for shredding?
  • Do they have insurance, in case sensitive documents have issues?
  • Do they offer a certificate of destruction once the job is completed?
  • What happens to the shredded documents?
  • How do they dispose of them?
  • Do they adhere to standard code of practice?
  • How much do they charge for one time and recurring services?
  • Is the company part of any trade organizations?

Ensure that you visit the company to understand how the destruction process takes place.


You can be at ease when you know that the shredding job is in capable hands. This gives you plenty of time to focus on other important activities and boost productivity.

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