Stainless steel wire grades


Stainless steel wire is a type of wire or small diameter bars or rods. These are made in a way that they could be used as wires with high flexibility. Due to the flexibility requirements, stainless steel wire material needs to have a minimum of 10.5% chromium in its content. The stainless steel wire comes in different types and grades. There are tying wires, cold heading wires, architectural wires, shaped wires and welding wires. One major difference between the bars and wires is that bars are stored and stocked in their straight forms but wires are stored and stocked in rolls due to their low thickness and high flexibility. The categorizing of bars and wires is in the diameter of them. Wires range from 0.1mm to 8mm in diameter.

The wires come in different grades such as 304, 304L, 316, 302, 321 and so on. These grades account for different mechanical properties. The grades also indicate different chemical compositions and different methods of manufacturing. There are different surface finishes such as coated, matt, bright and other customized finishes according to the customer requirement. Also, there are different types such as hard, half hard, full hard, quarter hard and soft. These specifications are required for the differences in the application requirements. One of the widely used types of wires is the 316 stainless steel wire. The 304 type is also another widely used type. So the 304 stainless steel wire price is very generic and is available in most stores.

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